South America

South America – more than just a Continent

South America is a continent that could not be higher in contrast. No matter if in the desert landscape in Northern Chile or the glacier region in Patagonia, the south most point of the continent, here vacationers will find everything they ever dreamed of. The beaches here are still clean and pristine. And the natives’ cultures are present throughout the entire continent. The biodiversity is gigantic. 

But the continent is also a true eldorado for sportsmen. The wild nature promises an adrenalin rush for friends of extreme sports. Mountain climbers will find extreme conditions in the Andes in Peru, Chile or Argentina.

People who enjoy aquatic sports, on the other hand, will prefer the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. And surfers can show their talent in Peru. Horse lovers will get their money’s worth in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The most diverse cultures live together in harmony here. South America is more than just a continent. It is an experience which everyone should have and is incomparable to any normal vacation. And everyone will find a hotel here. Depending on the category, the hotels even meet European standards and are completely clean.

This is all topped by the incredible hospitality of the South Americans. You won’t find more heartiness anywhere else. Dip into a mystic world full of surprises and feel an awareness of life you will only find here.