North America

North America – The country of the unlimited opportunities

In general the United States of America are denominated as being the „country of the unlimited opportunities“ though this is actually true for whole of Northern America. The continent comprises besides the United States of America also still Canada and Mexico and is the destination of which everyone dreams.

The pinnacle of wilderness and unbelievable vastness is surely Canada. Yet an untouched natural landscape can be experienced in more than 30 national parks. The traveler gets nearly the impression as if never any human has set foot here. Many of the most beautiful camping sites in North America can be found here. It is nearly impossible to be still nearer to the nature. Mexico is located in the utmost South of the continent, the country of the Maya and Aztecs. This country offers anything ranging from the beaches of your dreams up to impenetrable jungle and the legendary sites of the natives.

Hotels, holiday homes and vacation homes in North America

And then there are naturally the 50 states of the USA, anyone of them is more fascinating and more impressive than the other. Whether these are the sun-kissed tourist destinations like perhaps Florida where one can find some of the most exclusive hotels in North America or the states in the West Coast where those sceneries dominate which the most are familiar with due to the Western in TV, e.g. California or Oregon.

The continent is full of natural wonders, just think of the Grand Canyon or the Yosemite National park and witnesses of an unbelievable eventful history. The civil war is surely a term known by everyone and even today numerous ancient sights tell about this bloody conflict between the Northern and the Southern states.

Everywhere in the restaurants, shops and boarding houses you can experience the cordial hospitality of the American people. You will feel welcomed here right from the start and thus it is no miracle if the goodbye from this unbelievable country is difficult.