Best regions for European vacation home rental

When traveling abroad you can expect to see the most beautiful countryside and experience culture like never before. When looking for the best regions to rent a home in Europe there are many things to consider. First and foremost you should determine what you want to do during vacation, which will set the mood for which region of Europe that you choose. In this article we will outline some of the best regions for vacation home rentals in Europe and things to do in the area.

In Italy the view and culture is an absolute must. The vacation homes are one of a kind and a nice place for your family to spend their vacation. The homes are large and many are situated on rivers with views that are absolutely breath taking. For example there are many vacation rentals in the area of Friuli that sit atop of the Tagliamento river. Not only can you stand and view the river on one side but you can also enjoy mountains on the other. The region of Italy is famous not only for the wine production but also the production of ham. Not only can you visit the mountains for skiing but you can also take a canoe ride on the river. Wine tasting and festivities are abundant and a part of most every weekend.

The climate and Warm Sea in Portugal is inviting for any vacationer looking for a vacation home. The temperature is wonderful year round allowing for many outdoor activities around the Atlantic seas. In Ponta Do Pargo the area is referred to by those living there as the floating garden, referring to the beautiful gardens, plants and grounds in the area. In the recent past Ponta Do Pargo has undergone many beatification projects and now has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The vacation rentals in Sweden are very close to the rentals in that of Italy and Portugal. The homes are very nice with wonderful views. Most of the homes have windows that swing out so that you can open them and enjoy not only the view but also the wonderful smell of the mountains and water.

A rental in Sweden can provide a wonderful and wholesome experience with the beautiful countryside and back to nature theme. Hunting and fishing are big attractions in Sweden. The most popular hunt in the area is moose. Nothing like taking a moose home from your vacation. Mounted on the wall it will remind you of your vacation for years to come.

While there are numerous wonderful regions for vacation home rentals these are just of the few that are reported to be the absolute most beautiful and cultivating vacationing experiences in Europe. The view and fun things to do for vacationing are enormous in Europe regardless of the region that you choose. The best thing to do when deciding on a vacation rental is to visit the Internet and find pictures of the rentals as well as the countryside and see which region will best suit you and your family.