Why Holiday in Africa?

People unfamiliar with the country and culture may hesitate to consider a holiday in Africa.  But if you´re looking for an adventure that´s diverse, exciting, and absolutely second to none, you may want to consider some of the reasons that you should take your next holiday in Africa.

For one thing, there is probably no place on earth with as many different landscapes.  You can plan on taking a safari tour one day and then visiting lush jungles the next.  Each will bring its own fresh sights and sounds, and each will offer a wide variety of wildlife and scenery.  Some may assume that a holiday in Africa will be nothing but desert, but in reality, there are many coastal areas and shores that you can visit as well. Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Morocco offer some of the best beach resorts in the world.  There are also many national parks that offer many days´ worth of beautiful activities during your holiday in Africa.

The markets and bazaars in Africa must be seen to be believed.  Hand-woven carpets, carvings, and other items will make your store bought items pale in comparison.  These bazaars also offer many photo opportunities to help you remember your holiday in Africa, and are one of the best ways to really get to know the real people and culture of the country.

There are many fine hotels to stay at for your holiday in Africa, from five-star luxury resorts to lodges that are perfect for your hunting trip or safari.  Many offer package deals with guided tours of wineries, farmlands, or coastal areas along with your stay.  Whatever your vision is of an ultimate vacation, you´re bound to find it in the beautiful continent of Africa.